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We are so happy to work with great clients who make every day enjoyable.  We work hard to create strong, lasting relationships with the owners as well as the tenants in all of our properties.  Here are a few comments from some happy customers...

Xitlali is a very professional, friendly,and knowledgeable realtor. We had our 2 kids always running around during our home viewings and she was very patient. She always had recommendations on what locations would work with our needs. She knew our budget and would always keep us within our means. Found us a perfect home that was in a great neighborhood, within our budget and left us with a little for upgrades. We have and will continue to recommend her to our family and friends.
Jesus Murillo
We have worked with Xitlali and her team for over 4 years.  Xitlali and her colleagues are very knowledgeable about handling various issues related to our HOA, particularly, they helped us to get some very important repair and renovation projects done.   We greatly appreciate their help and guidance.
Manni L.
Beverly Green Plaza HOA
Couldn't ask for better!! My Condo is in Cerritos but distance is no issue!! As a Board Member, I highly appreciate how flexible Xitlali is for Board meetings. My HOA had a terrible experience with a previous property management, so we tried self management for some time but that was very difficult, specially because of our busy schedules. It truly takes a lot to properly manage a property! What is best is all other members are as happy with this management and have noticed how much we have improved ever since we hired Gold Star in 2015.
Sigrid Ramirez
5 Star Facebok Review
Xitlali and Gold Star Management get my highest recommendation: (10 out of 10) 5 Stars out of a possible 5! I appreciate how you handled the repairs to my unit, your coming out in the evening to important meetings held by the roofing committee, your good advice and common sense. Your prompt service and responsiveness is great, and it is always a pleasure to deal with you. You are kind and polite to everyone, always trying to accommodate everyone’s various concerns. I am new to the building but was awed when you visited an ailing resident. You and your company are really unusual in a wonderful way.
Andrea F.
Beverly Green Plaza HOA
Gold Star is a reliable, professional, and overall good management company. I really appreciate how I always get a person on the phone (no "enter your party's extension," or "email us at...") and a response to my concerns. Also the manager, Xitlali del Real (Sit-la-lee), is always available to attend our HOA board meetings and hear our concerns.I really like that she makes the effort the be there for us. This makes me feel like she cares for our HOA and has our best interest in mind. I recommend this property management company.
Irene Luévano
5 Star Facebok Review
I rely on Gold Star for management and maintenance of my properties as I don't have the time due to my demanding job schedule. I've never had issues with late rent or troublesome tenants. My property has been maintained as needed. All repairs have been cost efficient and practical. The repairs I've had done on my properties has been done well and quality driven. I appreciate their willingness to take on any task. I recently purchased a new property. I wasn't looking to rent out the full property. Rather, I needed help getting someone trustworthy to rent a room to. I reached out to Xitlali and she helped with the screening and rental agreement for a room. Additionally, I wanted to do a couple renovations and she provided me with referrals to reliable contractors. The work was done on time and well done. I am very satisfied with Gold Star's performance and professionalism.
Isabel S.
5 Star Facebok Review